Remote Work: Should it Die with COVID?

Remote work has become second nature to many who have worked through the COVID-19 pandemic, but as the US begins to return to a modicum of normalcy, we’ve seen a steady return to the office. While many agree with their employers’ mandates to head back to the office, a large number still believe in their ability to operate effectively outside of the office, as well as in the benefits such a setup confers.

However, with inflation rapidly increasing the costs many of us must deal with on a daily basis, one needs to ask – should companies be cognizant of these costs and the impact they have on employees who must come to the office every day? Solely looking at rising gas prices, we now see a marked increase in the burden on commuters who drive to and from work each day. According to this linked Fortune article, “The national cost of gas is currently averaging $4.21 per gallon. If it hits $5 per gallon, it could eat up about 25% of  paychecks for lower-income households making less than $15,000…”

Should companies account for this increased cost of coming to the office? Or perhaps be more lenient with hybrid work operations to ease the burden for many? What do you think?

By Charles Plissner
Charles Plissner