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Consulting is the practice of helping organizations to enhance their performance, primarily by:  Increasing revenue, Reducing costs, Improving processes

Consultants work closely with their clients and provide recommendations based on structured and data-driven analyses.

They are hired to answer strategy-level questions that require extensive investigation both on market and client’s capabilities in a cross-functional manner.

The scope of work normally ends at providing actionable solutions or recommendations for their clients to follow.


The Power in Developing a Growth Mindset

Many – if not most – MBA students come to Business School to switch careers, which involves learning a whole new set of concepts and developing different skills. This is certainly a challenge. However, it is how you approach the …

By Fernanda Carvalho
Fernanda Carvalho
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Uncomplicating Finance

“For many, finance is cloaked in mystery and quite intimidating. This unfortunate outcome is no coincidence. Many in finance like to shroud what they do in order to intimidate outsiders. But if you want to progress in your career, you’ll …

By Fernanda Carvalho
Fernanda Carvalho
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9 Things to Say in a Job Interview in 2022

When you think about what to say in a job interview, you probably assume you’ll be answering common interview questions. And while what you say when you answer those questions matters, there are a few more things you should say …

By Rachel Pelta - Forage
Showcase your skills. Find your career fit.
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How Mastering Teamwork Will Make Your Organization Successful

Read this Forbes post to learn some tips that can help teams function cohesively!

By Basundhara Parasar
Basundhara Parasar
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Should You Connect on LinkedIn with Your Interviewer?

You’ve finished your job interview, and you think you did well answering the recruiter’s questions. You wonder if there’s a next step you consider: Should you connect with your interviewer on LinkedIn?

There are a lot of mixed messages about …

By Ivy Exec - Ivy Exec
Ivy Exec
Ivy Exec is your dedicated career development resource.
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