MS Finance Programs

The MS Finance Programs group includes the MS in Global Finance, the online MS in Global Finance, and the MS in Quantitative Finance programs of the Gabelli School of Business.

The MS in Global Finance is a STEM program that covers financial technology, emerging economies, global portfolio strategies, and other core topics in the field. Students develop specialized skills in functions that are valued by international companies, such as financial analysis, VBA, R, Python, Tableau, raising capital, and managing assets and risk. There are tracks available:

  • Corporate Finance

  • Investment Management

  • Financial Analytics

The online MS in Global Finance program empowers business professionals to gain the specialized skills they need to succeed in today’s international financial services industry. Designed for those who want to build a finance career in the global landscape, the program allows for direct access to industry-connected experts based in NYC. Skills gained include:

  • Asset valuation in global financial markets

  • International financial management

  • Financial econometrics

The MS in Quantitative Finance program is a STEM program that prepares students to fill quantitative analyst roles by teaching them how to construct models, analyze data, and write programs. In addition to multiple programming languages, the curriculum covers mathematical and statistical modeling techniques, as well as financial technology, all framed in the context of actual financial problems. A few of the skills developed in the program include:

  • Big data analytics in finance

  • Fintech/blockchain

  • Machine learning in finance

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