MS IT / Analytics Programs

The MS IT / Analytics Programs group includes the MS in Applied Statistics and Decision-Making, MS in Business Analytics, and MS in Information Technology programs of the Gabelli School of Business.

The MS in Applied Statistics and Decision-Making program is a STEM program that provides opportunities for students who want to advance in data science. A broad foundation in statistics and the ability to apply it to a specific field—such as finance, big data, or healthcare—is offered through specialized electives and workshops. The program focuses on core skills in data science while incorporating courses from computer science, management, psychology, IT, finance, and other academic areas. As a result, students graduate with the well-rounded profile they need to compete in today’s job market.

The MS in Business Analytics program is a STEM program that prepares students to apply leading-edge models, methods, and tools to data in ways that help companies to clearly see the road ahead. Our cutting-edge curriculum reflects the three pillars of analytics/ data science: visualization, statistics, and machine learning. You’ll receive world-class instruction in advanced analytics fields such as artificial intelligence, big data, and deep learning and benefit from our strength in core information technology, cybersecurity, Health IT, fintech, and enterprise digital transformation.

The MS in Information Technology is a STEM program that provides the technical and managerial skills required for leadership positions in the field. With courses ranging from information security to forensic computing, and specializations in tracks from IT risk management to digital business innovation, students encounter specific issues in IT management that they will be prepared to successfully handle after graduation.



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Bridging the world's skills gap through affordable, high-quality, online education.
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Bridging the world's skills gap through affordable, high-quality, online education.
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Bridging the world's skills gap through affordable, high-quality, online education.
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