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Start-ups span all industries and provide diverse opportunities and responsibilities. A higher level of contribution and recognition exists compared to traditional companies. There is also an ability to learn from and collaborate with today’s innovators.


As future leaders, let’s be mindful of the Human Energy Crisis

“We’re faced with a Human Energy Crisis.

As with climate change, warning signs abound. Just as we’ve seen melting ice caps, rising sea levels, and wildly swinging temperatures, on the human level we’ve seen languishingdepleted surge capacity and a 

By Fernanda Carvalho
Fernanda Carvalho
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The Best Managers Are Leaders — and Vice Versa

From the Harvard Business Review, read about the importance of striking the right balance between leadership and management rather than treating them as two different skill sets.

By Basundhara Parasar
Basundhara Parasar
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How to Improve your Time Management Skills

Homework, exams, networking, friends, and recruiting are all part of the graduate school experience. Unfortunately, time is limited and if not properly managed, may leave many feeling like they are doing everything and nothing at the same time.

If you …

By Fernanda Carvalho
Fernanda Carvalho
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What the Case Study Method Really Teaches

B-School case studies elicit a range of emotions from students – curiosity, excitement, and even fear!  Here is a good resource by Nitin Nohria, former dean of Harvard Business School on how to make the best of case studies and …

By Basundhara Parasar
Basundhara Parasar
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Why you should start a business in college?

Despite being a student, this article is for you if you have an entrepreneurial spirit.

Struggling grades and never-ending assignments, Can I take up another challenge? Here’s why
1. Age

You are young, energetic, and want to explore the world. …

By Abhyas Ramadugu
Abhyas Ramadugu
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