In addition to setting up a Job search alert in CareerPath (instructions), you can also set up an Event search alert to be sure you don’t miss out on any upcoming events. To configure this:

  1. Go to Events in CareerPath and click on the “+ Add Filter” link under the search bar

  2. Under “Event – Dates” click on “Registration ends on” then Select “Relative Range” and choose a time period (we recommend using “Next 7 days” as a starting point)

  3. Click out of the filter box to enable it and click on “Turn on email alerts for this search” at the bottom left of the Events page

  4. Click on “My Saved Search & Alerts” at the bottom right of the page and click on the pencil icon for the search you just saved

  5. Give it a name and select “Weekly” and click OK

You’ll now be getting a weekly email to remind you of any events that close during the following seven days, giving you a chance to register for them.