VMock, our automated resume preparation system, aims to empower students along the various phases of their career journey leveraging the power of artificial intelligence. Get feedback to perfect your resume and make it ready to send to employers. Before you can access it, you must be pre-registered in VMock by our office.

You can now create/edit your resume live in the VMock platform. You can also upload an existing resume (must be in PDF format). To convert a resume from MS Word to PDF:

  1. Open the completed resume in Microsoft Word.

  2. Click on File and then select ‘Save As’.

  3. When the ‘Save As’ window opens, in the drop-down menu next to ‘Save as type:’, select “PDF(*.pdf)”, “Best for printing” and click on ‘Save’, or you can also use www.pdfonline.com/convert-pdf to convert.

Note that you have 10 uploads to meet the required score (75% for MS students, 80% for Full-Time and Professional MBA students). You must reach that score to submit a review request to your Career Advisor before you can schedule a Resume Review appointment with your advisor.